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"Making the world beautiful,
one dog at a time"

The salon that treats your pet 

like family!

     I have a lifetime of experience with animals and have been a professional groomer for over 10 years. After working in a couple different salons, I opened my own salon in 2008 with the intention of making every pet's visit as pleasant as possible. 

     It is a lot quieter here than the big salons with multiple groomers and bathers. The noise level in large salons is very high and stresses the pets. 

     Only the best show quality shampoos, coat products, and professional equipment are used here at Pampered Pup Salon. I take time with your pets and do not rush the grooming process so you get the best possible grooming. I also have experience with difficult dogs and cats. My life revolves around my pets and I treat every client's pet as my own. 

     I have dedicated myself and my shop to making sure your dog or cat is as beautiful as it is happy and healthy. Safety and the well being of your pet is of utmost priority here at Pampered Pup Salon and I am also an AKC S.A.F.E. Certified groomer!

     Browse the website to learn more. Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery as well as the Facebook Page for photos of a few of my clients with many before and after photos!


   To answer a frequently asked question, grooming is MUCH more than just a haircut. It is a necessary procedure to keep your dog or cat healthy. I have 

LOTS more info on the Home Grooming Tips Page. If not clean, brushed, and matt-free they can develop 

skin sores,infections, yeast, or fungal infections. Dirty ears can lead to infection, especially on breeds with drop ears or when there is hair in the ear canal. Most small dog breeds need to have their anal glands expressed. If they are not, they can become impacted and even rupture. 

   Grooming is also a chance to observe the animal for any sores, lumps, nodules, cuts, infections, bald spots, tooth and 

mouth problems, other abnormalities or health problems, and parasites. 

   I have caught MANY problems that needed medical attention that would have otherwise went unnoticed by the owner. This is why it is so important to have your pet groomed regularly.

Mandy Malin, Owner / Pet Stylist

417 N. Water St.

Georgetown, OH 45121

[email protected]


Hours are by appointment starting at Noon.

Evening appointments available.

Experience and Credentials:

I have a lifetime of experience with animals and have been a professional groomer since 2006. I have won several awards from grooming contests. I actively participate in dog shows, in both the obedience and conformation ring, earning many titles and multiple Best in Shows!

The salon is small enough to help your pets feel at ease and not be exposed to the constant barking of larger grooming salons. I have a full line of specialty shampoos, conditioners, and coat treatments to make your pet look it's best when it goes home.  Each pet is housed in a separate crate for it's own safety and the safety of other pets. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns you may have.

I also offer creative grooming services. Pictured is Buddy at the Pet Expo Grooming Competition on April 10, 2010
We won 2nd place in the creative grooming class!!

What clients are saying about Pampered Pup Salon....

Mandi is more knowledgable about the care and grooming of animals than any Vet I know. We have been taking Lilly to her for 3 years . She has given me a lot of great advice in caring for my dog. We care too much for our dog, we would never take her anywhere but the best !

 - Jill Dotson

Mandy groomed my Max for years. She was so good to him even as he aged and had problems getting around. She would take a lot of time with him so he wouldn't have to stand too long at a time. He always seem so much better after getting his matted hair off in the summer. Mandy always did wonders with him. I lost him in July. Mandy seen my post on Facebook and messaged me to let me know she was sorry. I wouldn't trust anyone else to groom my two new pups, but Mandy.

  -Linda K. West Whalen

I would recommend Mandy she is a very caring person animals is a very big part of her life she did an excellent grooming on my two boys she payed extra attention to my poodle who is 10 yrs old and really gave him a day of pampering I will always take them to see Her she is a very nice person

 - Sandy Finley

Hi, my name is Beverly, I have lived in Mt. Orab, OH since 1997 & am originally from Gtown, but never met Mandy, the owner of the Pampered Pup until about 2008. I have been bringing my pets to the Pampered Pup/Mandy Malin since about 2008. I had a yorkiepoo named Taz, he was salt/peppery. After trying a couple others pet grooming places, I was very relieved I had found her, she took very good care of him & treated him as if he were her own pet. He never, not one time ever came home with any issues of any kind. And she handled him in a way that made him feel more calm & relaxed with her handling. And when little Taz was coming to end of his journey at 11yrs.2 months, she gave him the extra time & care he needed as he had a collapsing trekia & congestive heart failure. She was extremely careful handling him, she loved him too & was a sad loss for all of us when we had to lay him down in Oct. 2014. I can't thank her enough for being so kind & loving to him, but she loved him too & was a part of his life as well. Now after a short time, my family had decided it was time for another new indoor fur baby. We have another yorkie poo who has been named Copper. He is nothing at all like Taz, and is quite the character. I would never dream of taking Copper anywhere else but to the Pampered Pup Salon. He too, comes back looking great and is groomed to my husbands specifications. When you take your pets to Mandy to be groomed, you are not just taking them to a dog grooming place, you are taking them to a second home. If anyone would like to see pictures of Taz or Copper, I'd be happy to show them to you. Your pet will be groomed but even more they are being cared for & loved by Mandy. Thank you Mandy for having that special touch not only with your hands but with your heart. 

-Beverly (Watson) Leimberger

"Always Wonderful!! Friendly, Affordable. I have a Yorkie and a Maltese. My dogs always look wonderful. They smell so good also. Would recommend to everyone. 1st class groomer for sure." Sharon, Trinket, and Foz

"Mandy is very good. I would recommend her to anyone. Very nice, and did a wonderful job on my dog." Stephanie 

"You did a wonderful job. He is so cute. Thanks again for my handsome pup." Jean  and Milo

"You did a great job and he looked fabulous. I am very impressed that you really understood the breed cut because I have been to some places with groomers who were professionally trained and he looked terrible. Thanks again and we will be back"
Karen and Puff Daddy

"Annie especially looked absolutely beautiful.  Zeke looked great also, but Annie was beautiful.  Thank You."
Dorothy, Zeke, and Annie

"JJ is feeling much better now she's back to her playful self! Thanks again for doing such a great job. JJ and I appreciate it. See you soon! "
Leslie and JJ

"Hello Mandy, Thank-you so much!!! Maxie is doing fine!!! You did a great job!!! And we will be back for sure!!"
Billie and Maxie

"Thank you so much for the job that you did on Zeke.  He looks positively great for a toy overweight poodle. Annie looked great also, but Zeke does not give you much to work with. Thank You."

Dorothy, Zeke, and Annie

"we loved the cut..we'll see you soon"
Daniel and Izzy

"Thanks Mandy. We were well pleased with your service. You should see Clancy again in a couple of months."
Jane, Mearle and Clancy

"I think you did a real good job! I will certainly recommend you to my friends. Quincy looks so clean and not so raggety! It will take us some time to get used to him looking like this!!!! I will see you the next time he needs grooming."
Vicki and Quincy

"You will see us again because you did a really good job on Oliver."
Thanks, Corrina and Oliver

"Happy is sooo cute with her new do! Thank you"
Judy and Happy
"Thank you...You did a great job.  I am so glad to hear from you so that I could tell you that.  We are very pleased."
Lorie and Zoe
"Thank you. You did a good job for Francis." 
Ted and Francis 

"Hi Mandy,  Thank you for the puppies. They are still strutting around with their bandanas. We are so pleased with the results. Again thank you. we will see you again."
Shirley, Blake and Baxter

"Thank you for doing a great job and for the bandana, he looks
macho now, lol."
Carol and Connor
"Thank you, you did a wonderful job!"
April, Chance, and Chia