Pampered Pup Salon 

Professional Pet Grooming Services

      Rates and Services              Rates vary by breed, style, and coat condition. Please call for more information or to set up an appointment 937-378-6900

Matted and/or Difficult dogs will be an additional fee based on the amount of extra work involved.

NOTICE: DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES, I will be unavailable for appointments on the following until after
December 15

Complete Grooming includes:


Nail Trim and Filing

Complete Coat Brushing

Breed Cut and Style 

Ear Cleaning/Plucking

Blow Dry

Express Anal Glands

Pet Cologne

Bows or Bandana

Add-on services:

Tooth Brushing $2

Nail Pawlish $5

Medicated Shampoo $3-7

De-Shed Treatment

$10-25 additional, varies on 

coat type and dog size 
Works great on dogs with undercoat such as 
Goldens, Border Collies, Pomeranians, 
Huskies, Labs, etc. Pictured is a before and 
after of the treatment